A room in a hotel or apartment?Inexperienced tourists often face the problem of choosing between a hotel room or apartment. Despite the apparent equivalence in price, there are many pitfalls, which you should remember, when making a choice.

Cons apartments for rent

The lack of a legal entity. As a rule, the owners of apartments that rent apartments not registered anywhere, so you don’t make them some kind of formal agreement with the accomodation, you will not be given a receipt. Also, the lack of a legal person by the contractor indicates the futility and impossibility of the claims based on quality of services. Continue reading

What not to do in hotelsTo stay in a hotel left only a pleasant experience, you should always remember that you are the guest and not the house. To respect other people’s labor, property and personality will always be rewarded attentive to you.

Before visiting the hotel, don’t be lazy to find and read policies. If not, note the list of the most common “no”.

Can’t walk around the hotel in a swimsuit. In beach wear decently arrive at the restaurant. Many hotels at the same time is home to people from different countries. Imagine the reaction of a person with a conservative upbringing, and possibly religion, overly revealing clothing at the dining table. Continue reading

Types of food in hotelsWhen choosing a hotel often the traveler is faced with many strange and incomprehensible symbols. In particular, types of food in hotels is denoted by two or three Latin letters. Decrypted these symbols as abbreviations from English collocations in which lies the meaning offered by hotel type food.

The food in the hotels

The main types of food in hotels there are only five:

“No meals” – guests room or a bed with no included in the price of food. Thus, in the hotel itself, there may be a restaurant or a kitchen where you can eat for a fee. Continue reading

What should be in a hotel roomArriving in the hotel, each guest expects to see a specific set of furniture, things, a certain level of comfort. Naturally, different class hotels have different make out their number but, if you take an average number, a certain standard has already developed.
Furniture set in any room must provide:

the rest of the guest (as a consequence, the availability of beds required). Continue reading

The secrets of saving on hotelsThis article contains basic tips on how to save money on hotel booking. But if You are an experienced traveler, You might be interested in more interesting information, for example, information about what additional services may include accommodation in the hotel room.

1. Book your room in advance
You probably know the proverb: `the early bird catches the worm`, so it is highly applicable to the booking of hotels and Inns. Try to make useful habit to reserve hotel accommodation as soon as You have made your travel plan. This way You will be able to expand as the room options and reduce costs. Continue reading

The choice of accommodation for all occasionsYou have a business trip and you’re looking for a perfect hotel in a strange city, maybe even in a foreign country? Or you need to hold the conference, the participants will come from all over Russia or around the world? Or do you choose a hotel for a vacation with children? And, perhaps, you are planning your honeymoon? It is very important in a variety of offerings to choose a hotel that will meet your requirements.
Choose a business hotel
When choosing a hotel for conferences, presentations and business meetings tete-a-tete you need to consider several key points:
Meeting rooms and Banquet rooms – you must provide comfortable accommodations for meeting attendees. Perhaps you will need special equipment such as projectors, sound-reproducing device. The presence of such equipment also should pre-negotiate with the hotel Manager. Continue reading